Elisha Williams

First I like to thank the Walter L. Moore Scholarship Foundation committee for taking the time to consider me as a recipient to be awarded this scholarship. Humble, confident, fearless, leader, and spiritual, are all words that I … Read More

Wesley Dismuke

I look back and reminisce about all the special people who have helped me to become the young man that I am today. Without a doubt, I know that there is a part of me that would not have developed the way it has without your love, support, … Read More

Andrea Burroughs

When I applied for the scholarship, I thought I missed the deadline. When I received a phone call that I was selected as one of the recipients, I was thrilled. The scholarship helped my tuition expenses and my family out a lot. I come from … Read More

Griffin Just

This scholarship has allowed me to further my education and Christian knowledge at a Methodist College. I am very grateful to play golf and not have to worry about my finances. … Read More

Patrick Harris

Patrick Harris

Dear Scholarship Foundation, Thank you very much for the scholarship you have given me. Not only does this scholarship mean a lot to me, but to my family as well. I will continue to work hard towards my goals and will not let this … Read More

Ayanna Perkins

Ayanna Perkins

Thank you for awarding me a scholarship from the Walter L. Moore Scholarship Foundation. I am a testament that good students are coming out of the Birmingham school system. Along with my mother’s guidance and support, I maintained my … Read More