About Walter

School Portrait of WalterWalter L. Moore was a notable educator, servant of God, and a man of excellent character, compassion, and charity for others.

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Walter was born on March 7th, 1957. He had a caring, kindred spirit and the calling upon his life manifested at an early age. As a young man his service attitude was exhibited in caring for and helping those around him. Walter’s passion for helping others was the guiding light that led him to pursue the knowledge and skills to help others in the field of education. After graduating from Ramsay High School in 1975 he enrolled as a full-time student at Alabama State University. In 1979 he earned a Bachelor of Arts Collaborative degree in Elementary and Special Education. He immediately enrolled in the University’s Master’s program in 1981 and was awarded a Master’s of Special Education in 1988. Mr. Moore was relentless in his pursuit of knowledge in the field of education. He returned to the University in 2001 and two years later in 2003, he was awarded a Master of Arts degree in Education Administration.

walter-grayAs an educator for 26 years, Walter impacted the lives of many children and enjoyed nurturing, molding, and teaching them. He was a firm disciplinarian gaining respect and admiration from the children whose lives he profoundly touched and those with whom he shared the teaching and school administration professions.

Always rendering service to and sharing his life and testimony with others, Mr. Moore was dedicated to and loved Christ and his church. Diverse with talent, knowledge, patience, and generosity, many were drawn to his kind and gentle spirit. He was a man of God whose tremendous love and commitment to the church paralleled his dedication to guiding and fostering of children.

At the time of his demise in 2005, Walter had received his Educational Specialist Degree in Administration and was the acting Assistant Principal at Hayes High School in Birmingham, Alabama.